First blog post

Welcome to Adventures of the Amazon!!

This is a blog I am starting so I can have a scrapbook of my memories. I also want help others get ideas for vacations, answer any questions and in general share my love of travel and the places I go. If you haven’t figured it out I love to travel! I have traveled solo, on group tours, with just my husband, and as a family. All are favorites for different reasons which I will discuss on later blog posts.

National Parks are one of my family’s favorite vacation spots. You can’t go wrong with any of them. I will post each of the National Parks as we visit them. We plan on taking on all of the U.S. National Parks and adding some international ones as we are out and about. If you don’t have a National Park Passport Book get one, we love ours and keep adding in pages the more we visit.

I have a goal to visit all 7 continents before I kick the bucket. Hopefully I have plenty of time to do this. I will get to continent 4 of 7 this December, so stay tuned. This will be a challenge since my bucket list is full of Europe, it just keeps calling my name and holds a special place in my heart. Just a feeling I get whenever my feet touch the soil over there. I feel home.

My third goal is to visit all 50 States before I turn 50. If I did the math right this gives me 8 more years. It should be done by 2023, this is the year my oldest graduates from high school. My vision is to create a huge map on the wall of his graduation party and fill it in with the pictures from each state line sign and each country he has visited along with some really snappy title like “oh the places you have been is no match for where you will go”. Let me know if you come up with something better, I have a few years to work on it.

Fourth goal is to teach my children that to travel is to leave all narrow mindedness behind and open your eyes. So many people don’t leave their own little corner in this world, it is a big place, put here to educate!

I hope you all enjoy my blog, feel free to ask any questions or make comments. I look forward to learning about this whole new blog world!

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    • Lol!! Possible next year of we don’t head east!!! I usually make up 3 itineraries and we choose one! I should know by fall! 😀😀


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