Missouri State Line sign.  One we have seen many many times.  It is only a few hours south of us.  When we stop to take our picture at this state it is usually in the same place. I-35 South at the Visitor Center.  Take the first exit after the state line sign and there is a perfectly safe place to get your Missouri State line sign picture taken. This is a really neat Rest Stop/Visitor Center. There are iron/steel cutouts of buffalo and wild west animals here. Very clean and the ladies are always friendly inside.


This stop was from a trip to Texas for Thanksgiving, unfortunately it was not from a National Park trip.


This time was from National Park Trip Season 3.1 Spring Break.

National Parks Sites we have visited in this area are as follows: (Click on link to view post on each site)

Gateway Arch National Park

George Washington Carver National Monument

Ozark National Scenic Riverways

Santa Fe Trail

Santa Fe Trail Eastern Terminus of the Junior Wagon Master Booklet

I will continue to add to this post as we visit more. Be patient 🙂

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