Chamizal National Memorial


After putting in a couple of days near Carlsbad we got in the car and headed to El Paso Texas. We actually had a front hub assembly go out around mile 10 of this trip so we were busy making plans to get that fixed once we got into town.  We headed to get the car fixed and the lovely car dealership gave us a rental so we could get to our destination.


Chamizal National Memorial.  We knew nothing about this place and found it quit interesting.  Its name was derived from the chamizo, a four wing saltbush that grows along the river.  The people and neighborhood that lived on the disputed land were called the Chamizal.  This National Memorial is here to commemorate the diplomatic settlement of a long-standing border dispute between the United States and Mexico.  Here you can learn the history of Chamizal, its people, and how John F. Kennedy and Adolfo Lopez Mateos began the diplomatic negotiations that brought about the lengthy resolution.


Stop into the Visitor Center and grab a Self-Guided Trail Tour that will take you around the grounds and explain several stops.  The visitor center was closed for renovations when we were there but they had some displays in a hallway off to the side. We were able to watch the short film and complete our Junior Rangers while we were there.


This is a short but informative stop if you are in the area. Great paintings, murals and you can see the border of Mexico!


Junior Ranger Badges earned, Passport Cancellations done, magnet purchased and we are off to White Sands National Monument, but first we need our vehicle back 🙂


Check back for more National Park stops.  Have you been to Chamizal?


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