State line sign #17 of 50 for this traveling crew.  We have left Yellowstone National Park (check out those 3 blogs) and traveled through Idaho to get into Montana on Hwy 87.  The trip from Yellowstone to Glacier National Park is amazing.  If you have a chance to do these 2 parks in your vacation you will see some great scenery on your drive in between. This state line sign was found on Hwy 87 heading north into Montana from Idaho. It has a great pullover spot so if you in the area and looking for a safe state line sign to get this one is great.

While in Montana on National Park Trip Season 2 we hit 2 National Park Service Sites.  Click on the links below to view those blogs.

Glacier National Park

Grant-Kohrs Ranch National Historical Site

Both were fantastic stops on the trip. There are 3 sites left in Montana for us to visit, to bad it will need to be at a later date. Stop back I’m sure we won’t wait too long, Montana is beautiful.




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