North Dakota


State line sign #18 of 50 and the last one for National Park Trip Season 2. This North Dakota sign is located on Hwy 2 heading east into North Dakota from Montana. This isn’t a very busy highway so this is a great opportunity to get a state line sign picture.  Conveniently enough there was a guy there who was willing to take our picture if we took one for him. He was working and traveling across the U.S. and was collecting state line pictures for his parents (how sweet).

North Dakota stops we made: Follow links to each blog

Fort Union Trading Post National Historic Site

Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site


We rounded out North Dakota with a lunch stop at Space Aliens Bar and Grill! The kids LOVED this encounter.  Lots of great food and games for the kids to wear them out for the 8 hour ride home.

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