New Hampshire


New Hampshire, state line sign #25 (we are half way there) for this voyaging family!  We “shire” had a great time in this state. We visited the only National Park Service site in this state and it was beautiful.

National Park Service Site:

Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site

We also enjoyed the beauty of New Hampshire on our drive down the Kancamagus Highway. Check out these beautiful roadside stops.  We even met some folks from Iowa that did a rotation of where I work one summer. What a small world.

Look at these breathtaking views.


And a great get out and stretch your legs short hike to beautiful Glen Ellis Falls.


We stayed overnight in North Conway at The Red Jacket Mountain View Inn, where kids  burned off some energy at the indoor water park. Great stop off in NH for this crew.

Of course no trip through New Hampshire is complete without a drive up and down Mt. Washington. New Hampshire’s highest peak.  We did this on our own and it was really easy, despite the stories we heard from the bartender at our hotel.  My husband was more than capable of not burning up our brakes and taking it easy on the way down. We had a great clear day when we reached the top!


New Hampshire is an awesome state and one not to miss. Lots of fun and exciting things to see and do. We will be back, but for now we are on our way to Maine.  Check back for more state line signs, stops on our National Park trip season 3, Maine and all of our National Park stops.

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