Another State line down.  This is #27 out of 50.  We took our Massachusetts photo at the rest stop coming into Mass leaving from New Hampshire on I-95 at exit 60. An employee actually saw us and came out to take the photo for us. Awesome!

National Park Service sites we visited while in Mass:

Salem Maritime National Historic Site

Saugus Iron Works National Historic Site

We based our Massachusetts stay in Salem on this trip and really enjoyed this town. After spending a couple hours at Salem Maritime National Historic Site we ventured into town to have a look around.  It was very “bewitching”.  Gorgeous houses, museums, fun souvenir shops and tons of fun every “witch” way we went.

IMG_8808 - Copy

We wandered our way up to the witch museum to check that out. Pretty cool place and we loaded up on souvenirs.

IMG_8815 - CopyIMG_8816

Witches everywhere….

We headed over to the site of the Salem witch trial and cemetery.  We strolled through here spending about a half hour looking at the stones. This was a very eerie yet interesting place.

While here we headed out to see if we could spot some Hocus Pocus filming locations.  We didn’t have to go too far before we found a few.  Can you figure out “witch” scenes these are from?

The shopping in town was all witch craft related as well. The kids found this awesome wand store that reminded us of the wand shop right out of Harry Potter.  We couldn’t find a wand to match us like Harry did. I guess we will need to keep “wand”ering around.

More walking and more fun things to see.

We had great food here in town and a very entertaining day. However, if you are going to Salem you can’t pass up this place……WTH??? It took the kids a moment before the giggles came.


The husband loaded up on t-shirts and koozies from here (he always keeps it classy).

That concludes our bewitching experience in Salem. Have you been here??  If not, may I suggest giving it a “trial” run??  Until next time.

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