State line sign #29 for us!  Collecting them fast on this trip.

This was fun state, we are definitely coming back to enjoy its beautiful sites.  On this trip we only stayed one night but it was amazing.  Great time with some great friends.  We met up with a travel buddy of mine that I met in Vietnam, Glen.  Had dinner with him and some of his friends that I later traveled to Morocco with.  It was fabulous.

National Park Service Sites we visited:

Weir Farms National Historic Site

Also, no trip would be complete to this state without stopping at Mystic Pizza in the beautiful town of Mystic, Connecticut.  One of my favorite movies growing up.  I was very excited about this. Even got myself a t-shirt to celebrate.


If you have any great stops or places in Connecticut we would love to hear about them in the comments.  We are adding this state to the list of returns.  Stop back to see our next adventure.

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