Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area


Visited: August 2018

Duration: 1 full day (spend more if the trails are open)

Accommodations: AirBNB cabin, Bushkill, PA.

Delaware Water Gap NRA was a beautiful place to be, unfortunately the year we decided to visit they had very bad storms.  No trails were open and the Dingman Falls visitor Center was closed.  In fact we had a hard time trying to find the make shift visitor center.  From start to finish at this park was a mild storm.  On our way from Iowa I recieved a phone call from the hotel we had booked a year in advance in Bushkill, they were cancelling our reservation because a group had decided to stay there and rent the whole place out, we were out of luck.  I scrambled to find a decent hotel in the area and came up short.  I went to AirBNB and found a cabin in the woods that would work.  The outdoors around it was the best part, the cabin could use some work.  We did get to enjoy some of nature while at the cabin but zero at the park, unfortunately.

We rested in our hammocks and enjoyed the view above.

We eventually found the make shift Visitor Center and grabbed some Junior Ranger books and an extra Angler Junior Ranger which was even more fun.  We sat on the steps of the Visitor Center and filled them out.  Dad even filled out an Angler one it was so much fun.  First of many of his Junior Rangers to come.


We had as much fun as we could even though most of the park was closed.  In the morning we drove out and around the park on a gravel road that took us along the river.  We pulled in to Kittatinny Point Visitor Center to have a look around and most of that area was flooded as well, along with a train/oil spill that was heading that way that morning.  What a wreck, pun intended!  We left Pennsylvania and headed for greener pastures.


Received our Junior Ranger badges and got our cancellations.  At least there is that 🙂


The next stop will be better I promise.  Also we will need to stop back here and check out the falls after damage clean up, it does look like a beautiful place to be.


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