The Florida State line! We were happy to see this state line. I see warm weather in our future!  We have been to Florida so many times but we always fly in so we aren’t able to get the state sign. This trip we got it. This is state line sign #36 for us. Checking them off pretty quickly! We have 10 left to get and 3 years to get them. Fingers crossed we get to them all before 2023!

This sign was at the Florida Welcome Center on I95 South. Super easy to get to and very safe. I love it when welcome centers have these signs.

While in Florida we visited several great places. Here is a list of the National Park Service Sites we have visited in this state:

Fort Caroline National Memorial

Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve: Kingsley Plantation

Castillo de San Marcos National Monument

Fort Matanzas National Monument

Canaveral National Seashore

DeSoto National Memorial

Big Cypress National Preserve

Everglades National Park

On this trip we made a stop at St. Augustine and we learned, we LOVE this town.  Lots of great shopping, restaurants and stupid tourist places!  I will touch on the Fountain of Youth Park we visited. The kids (and Mom) wanted to check this place out because we saw it on an episode Josh Gates Expedition Unknown.  It’s a cute little tourist park that will keep kids busy for a few hours.  We enjoyed it.


First things first, we had to drink out of the fountain of youth, although I have my doubts on this.




There are 27 sites to hit at the park and we got to all of them in an afternoon.  Favorites were The blacksmith exhibit, the bucket challenge and the Cannon Firing!


That is a wrap for this Florida trip!  Looks like we will be back to Florida on Spring Break 2020 to get the parks in the south!  We can’t wait!  Check back soon for those.

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