Herbert Hoover National Historic Site


Visited: November 2016

Duration: 2-3 hours

The boys visit the U of I every once in a while to get tests done. This park is about 20 minutes away and we took an opportunity on this visit to go and see this park on a gorgeous fall day!

We parked at the Presidential Library and Museum and walked over to the Visitor Center. There we got our passports stamped and grabbed a brochure to do a self guided tour through the park.

There are several stops on the self guided tour: The Birthplace Cottage, Blacksmith shop, Schoolhouse, Hoover Creek, Friends Meetinghouse, House of the Maples, The Presidential Library and Museum, Herbert Hoover’s Gravesite and the Tallgrass Prairie.

We visited all of the places on the self guided tour, it was a beautiful day out and we were the only ones in the park. The park gives an overview of every aspect of Hoover’s life. He was elected the 31st president of the US in 1929. Before that he was a mining engineer and a millionaire by age 40. Raised Quaker he sought out a life on a course of public service.

The Birthplace Cottage
Enjoying a fall day

After we were done walking through the park. We went to the museum.  The museum has an entry fee, we paid our fee and walked through the museum and headed over to the gift shop. We bought some crap and called it a day!


Great little stop for the day to break up our time at the hospital for appointments.

We didn’t do a Junior Ranger here so it looks as though we will need to revisit this place. Until then you will just have to enjoy our cancellations 🙂


That’s all for now. Come back enjoy our next post on Effigy Mounds which is also another Iowa National Park Service site tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by.


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