State line #5 of 50. This photo was taken on National Park Trip Season 1. Seems like just yesterday but we are still working on Season 5 in 2020, so it has, in fact been awhile. They are so little in this photo. We haven’t had a chance to post about Nebraska until now. It is usually a drive through state but on NPT Season 4 we decided to follow the Oregon trail and it took us right to a beautiful Nebraska National Monument and a state historical site (Chimney Rock) that goes with Scotts bluff.

Please feel free to check out the informational blogs on our trip through the Cornhusker state, and as always check back there are a total of 6 parks in this state and we will eventually hit them all. For now enjoy these:

Scotts bluff National Monument

Chimney Rock National Historical Site

That’s it until we head west again! Enjoy for now.

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