Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument

Visited: August 2019

Accommodations: Banbury Hot Springs Poolside Condo

Duration: 2 hours

Hagerman Fossil Beds in Hagerman, Idaho. Stopped into the Visitor Center first thing in the morning and grabbed some Junior Ranger booklets. We headed out for a drive on Bell Rapids Road which runs side by side with the Oregon Trail. There are 2 overlooks on this road, the Snake River Overlook and the Oregon Trail Overlook.

Beautiful drive with scenic overlooks but I think we enjoyed the exhibit outside of the Visitor Center the best. 🙂

Into the Visitor Center to peruse around and get our Junior Ranger Badges. The Visitor Center had a TON of Junior Ranger patches and badges from other parks, they were really fun to look at.

Badges earned and passport stamped!! Onto Shoshone Falls for a lunch stop. Check that out in the Idaho blog coming soon.

Looking forward to exploring Idaho, check back for more Idaho sites.

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