Santa Fe Trail (Western Terminus)

Visited: March 2018

Duration: 2 days

Location: Santa Fe, New Mexico

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In this post we will be doing the Western Terminus. We did some of this on a trip before we knew about the Junior Wagon Master Book so we had to fill some of this out by memory. Follow along with us with the book:

Junior Wagon Master Western Terminus

The first task in the Western Terminus book is to visit Pecos National Historic Park, grab a Junior Ranger program book – complete 2/3rds of it and get a signature from a ranger. Now, do we do anything 2/3rds in this family?? Nope!! We got our Junior Ranger Badges at Pecos and LOVED the ranger that helped us do it! Another task completed.

You can check out our full trip to Pecos National Historical Park on a different post, follow link below.

Pecos National Historical Park

We had to skip the next task because we didn’t know the Palace of the Governors had its own Junior Ranger Program. We will need to stop and do this if we go back to Santa Fe.

Next task is the Native American Vendor Program, here is where our memory needed to serve us well. We had to list 16 things we witnessed folks selling here. 8 needed to be Jewelry Wares and 8 needed to be Non-Jewelry wares. We did it 🙂

The Plaza task was up next. My kids didn’t remember the Soldier’s Monument so we googled a picture for them to jog their memory, they had to do a little math work and draw the Monument. Check.

It looks as though protesters knocked down the monument in October of 2020, so I’m not sure if it is even there anymore. Double check before going.

Loretto Chapel is the next stop, we did the task without going into the Chapel, it was pretty simple for this crew. Beautiful Chapel

Chapel of San Miguel is the next task to conquer. Here we had to find the reredos, answer a few questions and draw one of the pictures found here. Check.

The last and final task we completed (besides doing the Wagon Master Challenges) was the Journey’s End Monument at the Entrance to Museum Hill. Here we had to walk around the monument and answer questions. Of course it had been awhile and the kids were rusty. We google mapped this and walked around virtually so the kids could answer the questions. It is truly a fantastic monument.

Well that concludes the Western Terminus of the Santa Fe Trail. WE MADE IT ALL THE WAY!!!

We emailed our books to the address listed and received the following below. It’s a pretty sweet haul.

I hope you enjoyed our trip along the Santa Fe Trail. Let me know if you have any questions and if you are going to try and tackle the Junior Wagon Master Program. We had so much fun doing it.

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