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Fort Stanwix National Monument

Visited: July 2018 Duration: 2-3 hours Traveling across New York took us right in to Rome, New York for this fabulous National Monument. Right in the middle of town is a step back in history to interpret the events of the siege of 1777….

Alibates Flint Quarries/Lake Meredith

Visited: March 2018 Duration: 2-3 hours Accommodations:  Stayed with friends in Sanford, TX The last stop on our Spring Break National Park Trip was in Sanford, TX.  Chris and I met some fantastic people and we love them so much we planned a trip…

Capulin Volcano National Monument

Visited: March 2018 Duration: 1-2 hours Accomodations:  None. This was an afternoon stop between New Mexico and Texas. Capulin Volcano erupted over 60,000 years ago producing 2 kinds of volcanic products: cinders/scoria (frothy chunks of volcanic rock) and lava flows. Today you can walk…

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