Women’s Rights National Historical Park


Visited: July 2018

Duration: 1-2 hours

Accommodations: Watkins Glen Harbor Hotel

We are trekking across New York after spending a few days at Niagara Falls on our way to Maine. This was a fantastic little stop!  There are several historic houses to stop at but we chose the visitor center to spend our time at.

First things first we grabbed our Junior Ranger books and headed to watch the film, “Dreams of Equality”. I would have to say of all of the National Historic Sites we have visited this film was the best we have seen.  It is a little dated but full of so much information and presented in a way that you don’t feel overloaded and shut your mind off.  Even my kids enjoyed it.  The Junior Ranger book was really fun as well, great activities for the kids to do.

The kids hung out mostly in the Junior Rangers room (which was a really cool and fun place), you could even dress up as Park Rangers, I think they are the most handsome Rangers I have ever seen. ❤ ❤


We walked around upstairs and viewed the displays while the boys finished their books. There are lots of displays and it is all very interesting.


Wesleyan Chapel sits just to the east of the visitor center and was the location that heard the first formal demands for women’s rights on July 19th and 20th in 1848.


Other sites to see are the M’Clintock House and The Hunt House in Waterloo, New York. Besides the Visitor Center in Seneca Falls there is the People’s Park and Elizabeth Cady Stanton House.


If you are in the area come check this place out and learn all about the amazing women that moved women’s rights forward in this country! This truly is an great place to savor history. Our National Park Service in this country is fascinating and a great place to learn hands on history.

Kids earned their Junior Rangers and we are off to Fort Stanwix.  Another Great Stop on National Park Trip Season 3.

Lots of cancellations here for your passport!

We loved this place, have you been here??  We would love to know how you felt about it.


Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural National Historical Site


Visited: July 2018

Duration: 1-2 hours

Accommodations: Niagara Falls, Canada (this was a stop off on the way)

Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural National Historic Site was a quick stop off on our way to Niagara falls.  We got off to a late start and didn’t want to deal with the crowds at Niagara so we took our time to get there and made a pit stop off here. We arrived about 10 minutes before opening, so we walked around and got some photos of the outside, it was a gorgeous house.



The house belonged to Ansley Wilcox and is now one of the oldest homes in Buffalo, New York.  President Theodore Roosevelt was sworn in as the 26th President of the United States in the Library of the Wilcox House after President William McKinley was shot twice and died eight days later of an infection from one of the bullets that was not able to be found.

We wandered in when it opened and stood in line for tour tickets (you can buy these in advance, so if you know when you will be there do this), we were 1 over the limit but the AWESOME ranger giving the tour let us go with the group. Thank you Thank you!  The tour was of the inside of the Ansley house and is the only way you get to see it, otherwise without tour tickets you only see the museum which is really small and not really worth the stop.

The tour and our tour guide was AMAZING!!!  There were several room visits but our absolute favorite was The Issues Theater, it is crazy to think that we are dealing with some of the same issues today.



Our second favorite room was the recreation of Roosevelt’s office at the White House. You can sit at the presidential desk where there is a touch screen computer that you can interact with and see how similar you are to TR and how he voted on certain topics. However, the hit was when you could take your picture at the desk and it emails you a picture of you as the president on the front page of the paper with a news story. See below for ours.  How fun is that!!



When the tour ended you had all the time you needed to wander the second floor. We took our time, played checkers and finished up our Junior Rangers. When done we headed down the stairs to be sworn in (just like TR) as Junior Rangers.  We LOVED this ranger (tour guide) she was one of the best we have ever encountered and she made this stop better than what it is by being so generous and informative. You could really tell she loves this job and is very good at it.

Junior Rangers earned, passports stamped and we are off to Niagara Falls, we have heard it is not to be “mist”.

Here they are the newly sworn in Junior Rangers of Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural National Historic Site!! Aren’t they handsome??


Have you been to this Historic Site? Did you enjoy it as much as us? We would love to know your favorite room.



Michigan!!!  State line sign #22 out of 50.  We pulled off on I-75 North in some serious traffic, my husband was not amused at this stop so only do it if you are psychotic like us and REALLY REALLY want it.  There are some other easier ones to get I noticed but we weren’t going that way.

Michigan National Park Service Sites we stopped at:

River Raisin National Battlefield Park

There are several more places in Michigan we want to go to.  It will need to be on another National Park trip so check back because that sounds like an amazing time.

Have you been to Michigan?  What is your favorite national park service site in this state?  We will definitely be back!

River Raisin National Battlefield


River Raisin National Battlefield Park in Monroe, Michigan was the second National Park Service site we stopped at on National Park Trip Season 3 Summer Edition. It is also our very first Battlefield Park.  This place is really small, for now.  The Park Service has bought up several blocks around the park and is going to expand in the next few years.

We stopped here and headed inside for our Junior Ranger books, cancellations and a viewing of the film.  The film was long and way over our kid’s heads. When the park ranger came to ask us how we liked it, we told him it was a lot of information.  He explained to us in detailed form all about the battlefield and he was extremely interesting.  We thanked him for his lecture and he informed us he is a retired history teacher.  He was amazing and we learned so much from him!!

We took off on a walk around the park on the trails. We did the 17th Infantry Loop trail with informational signs to read and we walked the Mason Run Loop trail. Interesting to learn how America attacked Canada and Michigan was really close to singing Oh Canada.


Back in the Visitor Center and we have earned our Junior Ranger badges.


Great little stop on our way through to Maine (eventually). Not very many cancellations, this one has to share a page with another one.

Until the next stop. We are heading to Niagara Falls for the next 3 days. I will post the next park as soon as I can. I hope you enjoyed our stop here, have you been here??  I can’t wait to come back and see the addition.



Indiana State line sign.  This is #20 of our 50 signs.  Found this sign on I-90 at the Indiana/Ohio state line. We got Ohio and then ran across the interstate to get this one, in case we don’t have time to stop on the way home.  Not much of a pull off area so please be careful if you stop here. We pulled into the grass area and parked.

Indiana Stops we made:

Indiana Sand Dunes National Lakeshore

We are just passing through on this trip so we grabbed one of the park service sites. There are 2 more we will definitely stop at some day so stop by and check them out as well.

Indiana Sand Dunes National Lake Shore


Visited: July 2018

Duration: 1/2 day

Accommodations: Holiday Inn Express, Portage

National Park Trip Season 3 (Summer Edition) is in full swing. This was our first stop of the trip.  So much to do here and the park is spread out so prepare yourself for some driving.  We stopped in at the Visitor Center to get some information and pick up our Junior Ranger packets.

There are lots of habitats here to offer several things to do and see depending on your interests. Lakes, Beaches, Dunes, ponds, marshes. oak savannas, prairies, river and bogs offer hiking, swimming, biking, birding, wildflowers, history, and recreation .

Starting at the Indiana Dunes Visitor Center we decided to get our Junior Ranger Activity books completed and to do this we needed to visit the Bailey Homestead. The Bailey Homestead is a few miles to the west of the visitor center. The Homestead and Chellberg farm area was once used as a trade route by American Indians and early traders. We had a nice hike around both places and filled out our books.



The Chellberg Farm. Over 100 years ago this farm was owned by Swedish Immigrants named Anders and Johanna Chellberg.  We used the self guided brochure to tour the area and finished our Bingo page while looking for tools that people used to work the land in this time and area.


Up next we decided to go check out a beach and do the Dune Succession trail.  Short trail and then I let the boys play on the beach to burn up some energy.  They loved it here, it was hard to pull them away, but we are starving. National Parking can build up an appetite.



We finished up our Junior Ranger books over dinner at Bass Pro shop and headed in for the evening.


The next morning we stopped at the VC to earn our badges and get a certificate, before heading to the next park.


All done here at this park.  2018 brings really cool National Park Junior Ranger cancellations for your Passport. How exciting.

We enjoyed our time here at Indian Dunes National Lake shore, there is so much to see and do. I wish we had some more time here but we are heading towards Maine and chose to spend our time there. Have you been to Indiana Dunes? What were your favorite activities to do?

North Dakota


State line sign #18 of 50 and the last one for National Park Trip Season 2. This North Dakota sign is located on Hwy 2 heading east into North Dakota from Montana. This isn’t a very busy highway so this is a great opportunity to get a state line sign picture.  Conveniently enough there was a guy there who was willing to take our picture if we took one for him. He was working and traveling across the U.S. and was collecting state line pictures for his parents (how sweet).

North Dakota stops we made: Follow links to each blog

Fort Union Trading Post National Historic Site

Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site


We rounded out North Dakota with a lunch stop at Space Aliens Bar and Grill! The kids LOVED this encounter.  Lots of great food and games for the kids to wear them out for the 8 hour ride home.

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