South Dakota

South Dakota!! We made it! The third state we hit on National Park Trip Season 2! The top picture was taken at a rest stop along I-90 westbound, it was at mile marker #362 (Salem Westbound Information Center).  The lower picture we got on the way out of South Dakota, this one located on Hwy 16 Westbound on our way into Wyoming. It was a really nice and easy stop with huge pullovers for both signs.  I highly recommend stopping here.

South Dakota stops we made: (I will post links as I catch up on blogging them)

What South Dakota adventure wouldn’t be complete with a stop off at Wall Drug!


Get a picture on the Jackelope!


Annnd can anyone guess what movie I will be showing my kids when we get home from this adventure???????


Forget Wall Drug, dinosaurs, jackelopes, totem poles and Zoltar machines, the kids were most excited about sleeping in a tee pee!!!  My mom and I stayed in a great little cabin right outside of Wall just north of the entrance to Badlands National Park.  Frontier Cabins Motel was our choice of stay, the teepee was located directly outside of our cabin and next to the hot tub. Kids were in heaven that night 🙂  Adults enjoyed the cabin, I would stay again if I was in the area. I like to stay in places like this because one of my pet peeves is disrespectful people at hotels.  They get up at 6 am and feel the need to slam the doors and fill their ice buckets.  These cabins are spaced apart perfectly that noises are rare and you can enjoy the peace and quiet.  Great nights sleep here


Oh and let’s not forget the famous Crazy Horse statue that I could have saved a bunch of money on and lived happily ever after without seeing!! Hunter wanted to see it so guess what, we paid an ungodly amount of cash to walk into huge tourist trap that really wasn’t impressive at all. Do yourself a favor and keep driving or take a picture from outside.IMG_2642.JPG

Before I end this post, I would like to give a shout out to The Bavarian Inn in Custer, South Dakota.  This is where we stayed while in Custer and it was amazing!  Huge rooms, pool, tennis courts, life size connect 4, games, and the boys loved the Pancake bar!  I can’t wait to get back there to spend more time.  Custer, South Dakota was a great town to visit and will be fun to revisit!  I look forward to bringing back the husband for some R&R.

Until next time. Safe travels.



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