Tennessee state line sign, #32 out of 50. This one we picked up on the way home from our Florida Spring Break Trip in 2019. We pass it all the time now and I giggle because there is always a traffic jam here and I can’t believe we stopped. Good thing it was early in the morning so it wasn’t too bad. This location is just west of Chattanooga, Tennessee on I-24 North.

We also got the one below on our way south to Florida at a rest stop heading into Tennessee from Kentucky. It was on I-75 South at the Tennessee Welcome Center just over the border. We loved this one.

While in Tennessee we have (and are planning) to visit all of the National Park Service Sites, we will list them as we go, so check back frequently because this is a pass through state for us so we plan to stop and get one each time, if time permits

Great Smokey Mountains National Park

Stone’s River National Battlefield (check back when I catch up on my blogging)

I love this state, it is gorgeous with lots of things to do. Have you been to Tennessee, what else do we need to see while we are here??

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