Women’s Rights National Historical Park


Visited: July 2018

Duration: 1-2 hours

Accommodations: Watkins Glen Harbor Hotel

We are trekking across New York after spending a few days at Niagara Falls on our way to Maine. This was a fantastic little stop!  There are several historic houses to stop at but we chose the visitor center to spend our time at.

First things first we grabbed our Junior Ranger books and headed to watch the film, “Dreams of Equality”. I would have to say of all of the National Historic Sites we have visited this film was the best we have seen.  It is a little dated but full of so much information and presented in a way that you don’t feel overloaded and shut your mind off.  Even my kids enjoyed it.  The Junior Ranger book was really fun as well, great activities for the kids to do.

The kids hung out mostly in the Junior Rangers room (which was a really cool and fun place), you could even dress up as Park Rangers, I think they are the most handsome Rangers I have ever seen. ❤ ❤


We walked around upstairs and viewed the displays while the boys finished their books. There are lots of displays and it is all very interesting.


Wesleyan Chapel sits just to the east of the visitor center and was the location that heard the first formal demands for women’s rights on July 19th and 20th in 1848.


Other sites to see are the M’Clintock House and The Hunt House in Waterloo, New York. Besides the Visitor Center in Seneca Falls there is the People’s Park and Elizabeth Cady Stanton House.


If you are in the area come check this place out and learn all about the amazing women that moved women’s rights forward in this country! This truly is an great place to savor history. Our National Park Service in this country is fascinating and a great place to learn hands on history.

Kids earned their Junior Rangers and we are off to Fort Stanwix.  Another Great Stop on National Park Trip Season 3.

Lots of cancellations here for your passport!

We loved this place, have you been here??  We would love to know how you felt about it.

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