State line sign #21 of 50 for us, obviously we aren’t blogging these in order.  This was a fun one to get, lots of honking and waving at us. We got this one going out on I-90 heading east, Indiana was on the North side of the road and we ran over and got that one in the same stop.  Ohio is a tough one to get, most of the signs are up in the air overhead. We lucked out when we got this one.

National Park Service sites we visited in Ohio on this trip are as follows:

Cuyahoga Valley National Park

We will be back for lots more on other trips, so check out the link above and of course always check back for updates.

This is officially the end to National Park Trip Season 3 Summer edition.  Come on back to see our trip down south on our Civil War Expedition, I will start on that as soon as I can, we had a blast!



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