Vermont. State line sign #24 out of 50 for this crazy family.  This was taken on Highway 7 coming from Saratoga and heading to Bennington for the evening. We actually pulled into someone’s driveway, parked the car and took our picture, so it was a really safe stop for us. I also don’t think anyone drove by the whole 5 minutes we were there so even more safe.

While in Vermont we visited the only National Park Service site in the state:

Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park

No trip through Vermont would be complete without a stop for ice cream at Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory!!  Check it out. We had so much fun getting the scoop here that it was in”cone”ceivable! Gunnar even bought a “sweet” shirt. LOL


To “top” off that stop we headed north to Stowe, Vermont and stayed at the most beautiful hotel. The Trapp Family Lodge is a gorgeous Swiss chalet in the mountains of Vermont. When the family from The Sound of Music immigrated to the U.S. this is where they settled and the hotel is still run by one of the grandchildren.  I wish we had stayed here a couple more nights there is so much to do here, glad we got to experience what we did though, it was a fabulous stay.


Thanks for stopping by and checking out our drive through Vermont. Up next, New Hampshire, check back soon for those blogs.  Have you been to Vermont? It is another scenic state we have been blessed to check off of our list 🙂


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