Chimney Rock National Historic Site

Chimney Rock National Historic Site was a quick, quick stop on our way to see Scotts Bluff National Monument. It is just a few miles away from our intended spot. This isn’t registered in the National Parks Passport book but it claims it is a National Historic site and it has cancellations.

We popped into the Visitor Center and Museum to look around. It does cost to go through the museum, we opted not too, we were short on time and we wanted to get up to the Chimney Rock viewpoint. It was a beautiful visitor center so take your time.

We drove up to the viewpoint and got these awesome photos. The one with just the boys went in our Nebraska state photo frame I loved it so much. Great historical photo sites are the best.

Great shots and I loved the sunflowers in the background. Make sure you stop here, it is a beautiful area of Nebraska. So glad we added this stop.

Until next time. I hope you enjoyed this short post. I didn’t want to exclude it because it is a beautiful place, it just doesn’t have much to do. Sometimes short and sweet is nice.

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