South Carolina


South Carolina!!! State line sign #34 for us.  This sign is apparently a big “hit”.  Not sure what happened but I am assuming someone didn’t see it and ran right into it??  This sign was at the Landrum Welcome Center on I-26 South and let’s hope it is fixed by now.

We did several things while in South Carolina and we loved it!  What a great state to spend part of our Spring Break in!

National Park Service sites visited:

Charles Pinckney National Historic Site

Fort Moultrie

Fort Sumter National Monument

I think the most entertaining thing we did was to book a charter through Absolute Reel Screamer Charters. We booked the Private dolphin watch, lighthouse and ecological boat tour and there were no disappointments. What a fun day we all had.  I can’t believe how much we learned. We met our guide Gresh at Folly Beach.  He warned us it was going to be a cool one so we dressed in layers.

Gresh was awesome, he was really laid back and answered the million questions my husband had for him.  First stop was showing us how the oysters grew on the shore.  Being from Iowa we were clueless on this so it was very cool to us.  We wouldn’t have even know it was oysters by looking at it. Check it out.

We then headed out to Morris Island, this is where the movie Glory was filmed for the Fort Wagner events that took place.  Our oldest was just watching that movie in American History class and loved this part of the tour.  We were able to get out and walk on the beach where Gresh showed us that you can still find shells, bullets found from the Civil war, jellyfish that have washed up and lots of other good things. See below for the goodies Gunnar found.

Hunter in front of “Fort Wagner” from the movie Glory

We walked the island looking for finds and Gunnar made out the best.  He found a shark tooth and a sloth claw from the ice age.  Needless to say he was excited about this.


Gresh took our photo in front of the Morris Island lighthouse and did a fabulous job.  What a great guy.


All the while on the boat we had a spectacular display of dolphins.  I have so many videos it is unreal, they were right next to us.  This was my highlight.


I cannot recommend this tour enough. If you are in the Charleston area, it is a great half day adventure.

We headed back to Charleston and grabbed some dinner at a fantastic restaurant, Fleet Landing.  While we waited, the kids played bags and we had some interesting conversations with some really fun people in town from North Carolina.  Food was great!

We hit the City Market for some shopping, it was super packed and I just couldn’t find anything that I couldn’t live without,  except for a shot glass and a magnet. The best part of the trip to City market was the bike taxi we took to get back to our car.  What a great idea, we loved this!


We then wandered down the road and hit Waterfront park with its beautiful water fountains and went down the way to Rainbow Row.


We did everything we wanted to do on this trip to Charleston.  What an amazing place to be. So much history and beauty. This is going on my list of places to revisit. We loved it.  Have you been to Charleston?  What did you love about it? I would love to hear of more things to do.

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