Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site


Visited: August 2017

Duration: 1-2 hours

Accommodations: Medora, North Dakota then drove home

Knife River Indian Villages NHS was the last stop on National Park Trip Season 2. It is a little Park Service Site located 60 miles north of Bismark. The park has a visitor center, reconstructed earthlodge (furnished with replica artifacts), a film, exhibits, remains of three village sites and trails.

We arrived mid morning at the Visitor Center and grabbed our Junior Rangers. Watched the short film “Maxidiwiac”, visited the museum, walked out and viewed the earthlodge and its furnishings inside.


We walked the two rivers trail and finished up a few items in our books. Back to the visitor center and we have earned our badges. We stopped and spoke with a woman that was trekking across America with her husband that had visited over 350 NPS. Her Passport Book was amazing.

We are off to Space Aliens Bar and Grill in Bismark to finish off our National Park Trip for this year. Then the 8 hour drive home.  It has been a great trip.  Looking forward to planning National Park trip season 3. I hope you enjoyed our National Park Trip this year. Click on the tag National Park Trip Season 2 to view all of our stops. See you next post.

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