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Whiskeytown National Recreation Area

Visited: August 2019 Duration: 4-6 hours Accommodations: Stayed ON at Shasta View Hotel went to Whiskeytown, then ON at Redwoods. I wasn’t really that thrilled about going to Whiskeytown, it was just a NPS site on the way from Lassen to Redwoods. We arrived… Continue Reading “Whiskeytown National Recreation Area”

Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area

Visited: August 2018 Duration: 1 full day (spend more if the trails are open) Accommodations: AirBNB cabin, Bushkill, PA. Delaware Water Gap NRA was a beautiful place to be, unfortunately the year we decided to visit they had very bad storms.  No trails were… Continue Reading “Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area”

Chickasaw National Recreation Area

Next up on the National Park Trip Season 3.1, Chickasaw National Recreation Area.  We arrived last night and stayed at Chickasaw Retreat and Conference Center. If you aren’t camping in the area this is the place I highly recommend, it is a beautiful facility… Continue Reading “Chickasaw National Recreation Area”

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