Charles Pinckney National Historic Site


Visited: March 2019

Duration: 1/2 day

Accommodations: Charleston, South Carolina


The last stop we have in Charleston was to Charles Pinckney National Historic Site.  What a beautiful place.  We enjoyed this short stop and had a great time working on the Junior Ranger books on the back porch of the house, so peaceful.



Charles Pinckney was important to the state of South Carolina because he served as the governor, as a US senator and was Thomas Jefferson’s South Carolina campaign manager. He was also one of the delegates that signed the Constitution. This site is a small portion of the property know as the Snee farm, that Charles inherited from his father.


Here at the site you can sign your own name to the Constitution 🙂


After finishing up we walked the path that leads around the farm. It is gorgeous.

Back in to the Visitor Center to earn our badges and get our passports stamped.

What a fantastic stop.  We are off to Savannah, Georgia.  Check back for more updates from our National Park Trip Season 4 Spring Break Trip! Thanks for stopping by.

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