Weir Farms National Historic Site


Visited: August 9th, 2018

Duration: 2-3 hours

This was a relaxed and fantastic stop coming through Connecticut.  We met up with a travel buddy of mine that I met while on a trip to Vietnam.  We have traveled to Ecuador, Morocco, the Netherlands and Belgium together now. He has been to Iowa to visit us so we couldn’t pass up this stop since we were so close.  Lucky for him he is 10 minutes away from this park.

We arrived at the park early in the morning.  They have the passport cancellations outside in a box so we did those first thing.  We grabbed our park maps and there were 2 different Junior Rangers to do.  I printed these before our trip in case we arrived before the park opened.

Junior Ranger #1  Pond Pack

This Junior Ranger booklet is an art and nature activity to be completed as you hike around the Weir Pond.  It is directed towards learning about the natural and man made environment using your senses to explore the farm and the forest. It was a gorgeous morning with great views throughout the hike.


Junior Ranger #2  Letterboxing

This is where it gets to be fun!  I love letterboxing and we learned so much doing it.

This activity is a scavenger hunt, navigation and puzzle solving all rolled in to one book.  Use your detective skills from clues in the booklet to search for hidden containers that contain stamps to be placed in the book (called letterboxes).  Along the way we learned about the 5 important parts of the park: the artists that lived here, the gardens, farming, the stone walls and the National Park Service.

Everyone had fun doing this, even Glen, my travel buddy 🙂


When finished we headed to the Visitor Center and everyone earned their badges and patches.  What a great park!


Badges, patches and cancellations.  Off to our next destination.  We loved this place!

Stop back for more National Park Service fun!

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