Whiskeytown National Recreation Area

Visited: August 2019

Duration: 4-6 hours

Accommodations: Stayed ON at Shasta View Hotel went to Whiskeytown, then ON at Redwoods.

I wasn’t really that thrilled about going to Whiskeytown, it was just a NPS site on the way from Lassen to Redwoods. We arrived here around 9 in the morning, it was a 1.5 hour drive from our hotel last night at the base of Mt. Shasta. We arrived at the Visitor Center and grabbed our needed supplies, Jr. Ranger book, t-shirts that say Whiskeytown, magnets, passport stickers and cancellations. This is the spot that my kids got these goofy hats that you will continue to see throughout the park visits. They love them, they drive me crazy 🙂

Once we got out of the VC, I realized how cool this place actually was, there are tons of things to do here and it is gorgeous. We took J.F. Kennedy Memorial Drive down to Brandy Creek. Passing the Kennedy Memorial and Glory Hole Spillway shown below.

This reservoir and dam feed all of California. The Central Valley project was built to move water from norther California to the drier areas farther south, The lake brings many benefits to this area like recreational opportunities, flood control, hydroelectric power, and a dependable water supply.

We made our way to the Brandy Creek area, where we parked, rented paddle boards, swam and enjoyed a picnic lunch. We had an amazing time and the views were awesome. This place really shouldn’t be missed.

Gunnar eating lunch and working on his Junior Ranger

After hours of fun, we headed back to the Visitor Center where we earned our Junior Ranger badges. Off to the Redwood forest, I can’t wait.

Check back soon for Redwoods National Park and the Oregon Parks.

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