The Georgia State Line sign!  This was sign #36, working our way up to 50!  We didn’t get this one going in, it had to be done on our way home.  There was no sign on our entry into Georgia unfortunately.  This sign is located on I 75 north leaving Florida. A real easy spot to pull over, traffic not too bad.

We had such a great experience in the state of Georgia that we are looking forward to coming back very soon. It is a “Georgia”ous state.

National Park Service Sites we visited in Georgia:

Fort Frederica National Monument

Fort Pulaski National Monument

Ocmulgee National Monument

We spent our time located in Savannah, Georgia.  This had always been a bucket list destination and it didn’t disappoint us.  We loved everything about this town.

After hitting Fort Pulaski we spent our afternoon out at Tybee Island, the weather was perfect for a little dip or just hanging out on the beach enjoying the sun.  Kids and I hung out on the beach while Dad went and got the car fixed, it seems every spring break we need a new hub assembly.  This worked out perfectly.  It was a gorgeous day, we really lucked out.



We headed back to Savannah to walk the town, it was St. Patrick’s day and it was hopping downtown.  We took in all the shops, sampled the Georgia drinks and listened to some great music all outside. AMAZING!


We hit up the Pirate house for dinner and had a blast there! Great food and drinks. One of the waiters spent his summers where we live at. What a small world.  Gunnar really got into and enjoyed this place!


We did the evening Ghost tour, I think this is a must in Savannah.  Can you actually go here and not do this?  We had a blast on this tour, there are so many to choose from but it looks like they all hit pretty much the same places.  Here are the only 2 places that I took pictures at.  Hard to get pictures at night.  I do recommend doing a ghost tour even if you think its dumb it is fun.


The last day before leaving we hit River Street, took in the wonderful food they had and just walked around and shopped.

Last but not least was a trip to Forsyth Park.  We needed a couple of family pictures of our time here.  If you hit this park at 7 am NOBODY is there.  Worked out perfect for us.


That’s a wrap on Georgia.  We will be back to see what else this great state has.  We loved what we did on this trip. The South is a great place to be.  We are heading to Florida! Check back soon and thanks for stopping by. Have you been to Savannah?  Did you love it as much as us?

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