Fort Caroline National Memorial


Visited: March 2019

Duration: 3-4 hours (including Kingsley Plantation)

Venturing into Florida found us at this great Preserve.  We stop at 2 of the places here. The Timucuan Preserve Visitor Center (Fort Caroline) and the Kingsley Plantation.

First stop was the Timucuan Preserve and Fort Caroline.  We grabbed Junior Ranger books and set off on a small hike out to the Fort Exhibit. It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed getting out to stretch our legs before heading down to St. Augustine.


Most of the questions on our Junior Rangers were found in the visitor center so we spent most of our time in there, researching.  Finally finished this one up and earned our badge.


We got in the car and headed to Kingsley Plantation via a car ferry.  The boys were excited about this one, something we hadn’t planned.  We ate a lunch in and out of the car while waiting for the ferry. Then we hopped on the boat. In no time at all we were across the St. Johns River. How fun.

Always a fun time when you are on a ferry.  The drive to Kingsley Plantation was a short one after the ferry ride.  It was also very gorgeous. Check out our post on Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve: Kingsley Plantation. Here are the Junior Ranger badge and cancellations we got at Fort Caroline!

This was a short stop, we spent most of our time at the Kingsley Plantation when we were in this area. Still a fun and educational stop for us.

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