Fort Frederica National Monument


Visited: March 2019

Duration: 2-3 hours

Accommodations: Savannah, GA on the way to St. Mary’s, GA

We are heading south after a few beautiful days in Savannah, GA.  You can see what we did in Savannah over St. Patrick’s day on the Georgia blog (coming tomorrow), we had a fabulous time in that town. I highly recommend it.

Traveling south towards Florida but we still have some Georgia sites to hit.  Fort Frederica was one of them.  We had heard that this place has an award winning Junior Ranger book and they were not joking.  This book was the best Junior Ranger we have done to date.  I think we are at about 90, so this is quite impressive!  It was a pop up book and you followed the townspeople around the town and helped them hold off the Spanish.

To start the adventure we stopped in the visitor center and were given the Junior Ranger books, a hat and a haversack full of items to help the townspeople.


We were off. The site of Fort Frederica was well chosen. The army put this fort in an area that is easy to defend and would give the enemy as much trouble as possible.  If the Spanish wanted to attack the more valuable settlements of Charles Town and Port Royal in South Carolina they had to deal with Frederica first.

The Junior Ranger Adventure Booklet held 11 stops/tasks for the boys.  Is it really a task when you are having fun? Here are the boys going through the park and helping the townspeople of Frederica.


While they finished up their booklets Chris and I walked the grounds and enjoyed how peaceful and gorgeous the park was.

We went back to the visitor center to receive our Fort Frederica Junior Ranger badges.  Bonus:  You could earn a Master Junior Ranger Patch if you complete Fort Frederica Junior Ranger plus Underwater Explorer and Junior Archaeologist Junior Rangers.  We worked on the 2 extra ones on our road trip in the car and had them done when we arrived. Always plan ahead!


Lots of items earned here and a great Visitor Center to explore. Look at all our goodies.


What an amazing National Park Service Site!! Enjoyed our time here and was one of the  highlights of our expedition. We are off to St. Mary’s, GA now.  Lets see what we can explore there.

Thanks for visiting.

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